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Announcing the C++ Tour

C++ Tour Logo

I’m proud to officially announce the C++ Tour.

The tour can be best explained by quoting our mission statement:

The goal of the C++ tour project is to create a new way of teaching C++.
First and foremost we want to target those, who already have some experience in programming, but are new to C++ or return after a longer absence.

We want to guide through features of the language and standard library, showing pitfalls and best practices. The tour will be split into chapters, each of which contains lessons, teaching a single concept or language feature.

Every lesson will be accompanied by an interactive example, demonstrating the concept and allowing for experimentation.

It’ll be available from early next year (current content is a placeholder).

We are looking for help!

The tour is currently being built on,
we have a couple of tickets open looking for feedback.

Please give us a star and share the blog post!

Feel free to just chime in. We’re looking for any help we can get to help make
the C++ tour a reality in a timely manner.

It’s best to reach us over the Slack channel #cpp-tour on the CppLang slack (click here to join).

  1. The official announcement was done on CppCast and can be heard in Episode 129.