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Programming Fonts in 2021

While browsing reddit I’ve came across “JetBrains Mono”, the “new” programming font from JetBrains.

This started, yet another, rabbit hole down the currently available programming fonts.

The current contenders are:

To aide myself in the process of evaluating the current options, I’ve done screenshots of my terminal, which I can compare side by side.

Select the two fonts below and compare them side by side.

Left: Right:

One curios thing to note is that in each screenshot the terminal is 110x30 columns but the terminal is a tad bit higher with the JetBrains Mono and Input fonts, resulting in a bit less vertical space used (and, in conjunction, meaning that the Hack, Liberation Mono and Menlo fonts are narrower, vertically).
And the terminal is much less wider and higher with the PragmataPro Mono font, meaning it’s a much more condensed font resulting in more text on your screen.

I think I’m going to trial JetBrains Mono for a bit. I decided to buy PragmataPro Mono. And I LOVE IT.

Below are the images for your own sake of comparison:


PragmataPro Mono

Liberation Mono


JetBrains Mono